about us

Educated Society NGO is a non-governmental organization established to set up a stable and easy-to-obtain education in response to a heightened awareness of the need for the modern language skills. It also undertakes a great deal of activities in the public sector.


As a plainspoken man who never hesitated to say the unvarnished truth, I dare say I have been contemplating recently whether online education could be as worthwhile as face-to-face. I have to open my heart and confess that uncertainty gnawed me as the construction of a top-notch learning platform simply required kilotons of superhuman efforts let alone greenback resources. Yet, I comprehended the fact that a great deal of people stands in need of self-paced linguistic courses that are effective enough to counteract the loss of time. In the end I dedicated myself undividedly to creating an e-learning platform that can accommodate every single learner on the planet earth. Throughout fourteen consecutive years I meticulously scrutinized student-friendly and foolproof methodologies to be integrated into an e-space that is meant to engage all learners into first-class education.

I did it, enjoy !

The President of Educated Society NGO

Tigran Pepanyan